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  1. Ted M. at |

    The Del Maguey Copita is back in stock. I ordered a set today. Thank you for the tip on getting these.


  2. Craig Stancliff at |

    Thanks for the Sotol mention!

  3. Tory Smith at |

    Sure, get that special someone a Mezcal’s Club membership! Hurry! Ends Dec 1, 2014. More info on Mezcalistas Blog.. http://mezcalistas.com/mezcal-club-updates-price-and-releases-new-shipment/

    Also, today Hija del Mezcal will be featuring on her Blog five special reserves from some of the most important producer’s private collection. Stuff you only wish you could buy this Christmas. Keep an eye out for it!


  4. Gran Mitla at |

    Jaja, samples on the way of the new Sal de Chapulín that just arrived stateside.


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