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  1. Alex Machado at |

    I traveled to Oaxaca last month and needless to say that sipping on a good artisan-made mezcal was in my agenda…One afternoon, as the day wore down I stopped by this well-stocked mezcal joint for my daily dose when a local guy that seemed very knowledgeable in the mezcal business introduced me to this never-heard before mezcal brand El Yope; greatly appreciated at the end, by the way.

    I must admit that it blew my mind, way above my first time experience with new brands.
    It took me back in time evoking days where you could savor a good ol’ Mezcal Joven, herbal, earthy and very organic agave taste.

    The remaining days of my stay in Oaxaca I kept on enjoying El Yope.

    NOT only the well-known brands are worth the buck, I can tell already the pattern some big brands are going mainstream. Which makes me say not all mezcales you found in US shelves deserve to be there.

    Thanks to my new friend Ismael for bringing to my attention El Yope, I would definitely try again this great mezcal…Salud.

  2. Jose Zepeda at |

    Thanks for the info. I just moved to michoacan and I’m planning to grow some maguey cenizo. Don’t know much about it so all info is very helpful. Thanks !

  3. Mario Yrun at |

    Dear Mr. Mezcalcevoy,
    yes I’m now a subscriber as of today, tomorrow an emeritus Phd?

  4. Chris Frost at |

    I love the fact that you blog about Mezcal. Very, very impressive and I look forward to reading future posts!


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