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  3. Abuela at |

    An incredible story!
    Had the pleasure of tasting it. I’m not an expert but when I smelled it and had a sip it was like a smooth massage in my mouth! Then I new it was an excellent mezcal! Origen Raíz is worth every penny!

    1. Bildo at |

      Wow these made our year jeje love the mouth massage

  4. Rimas at |

    Found it – bought it.

    I cannot resist the power of your salesmanship!

    If my wife asks why there’s another bottle of mezcal she’s signing for at our front door, I’ll tell her it was “Doctor’s” orders 😉

  5. Rakhal at |

    Thanks for this article! I’ve been in love with the El Jolgorio line ever since Asis was generous enough to take my girlfriend and I on a tour of some palenques in Oaxaca. His passion for Mezcal is infectious! I will be ordering this today!!

  6. Mario Yrun at |

    Great story, great pics and really delicious mezcal. I bought a bottle from Astor a while back, and while I’d never really liked any cenizos I had tried previously, this one really works!

    ….just a hunch, but I think the Doctor will be traveling to Durango soon….

    1. Bildo Saravia at |

      If you must we must please lets us know it be an honor to host you , GRACIASSS

  7. Bildo Saravia at |

    John you have a home now in Durango, thank you from our hearth this is the way we do things, thank you for the value.


    1. IPierre Guillaume I at |

      Bildo – Vivo en Querétaro. ¿Sabes donde puedo conseguir tu mezcal? ¿O me puedes mandar unas botellas?
      Gracias y saludos

      Mezcal PhD – Thanks for the tip. This sure sounds like a winner!

      1. Bildo at |

        Claro si vendemos en Querétaro mira mándame un mail bildosaravia@gmail.com

        http://Www.casamezcal.mx si funciona bien el carrito de compras también saludos


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