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  1. Jo Pardo at |

    Hi there. I would like to get the Kindle edition but can´t find it on Amazon. Is it available yet? and if not…any idea when it might be?

  2. David Francis at |

    I am seven years down the same path John McEvoy has taken with respect to mezcal. I attended and loved the recent “Mexico in a Bottle” event in San Diego. I have the Kindle version of ed 1. I am on the road and will purchase ed 2 deluxe ed as soon as I return to San Diego. My question is: Will you be able to make Holy Smoke ed 2 available on Apple iBooks? I like that format best for reading on my iPhone. If not, will ed 2 be available as a Kindle version?

    1. Cody Sorgenfrey at |

      Would love to see an ebook version!

  3. Rimas at |

    Just bought it!

    I was on the fence about whether or not I needed the revised edition, but you sold me on it. 68 more pages and the fact that the mezcal landscape has changed dramatically in recent years put me over the edge.

    I’ll be gifting my first edition to a buddy who is becoming interested in this category.

  4. Mario Yrun at |

    Excellent and I can’t wait to devour the second edition….also, very impressive set of accolades on the second ed from three grand luminaries of Pierde Almas, Ilegal and Jolgorio! …..anticipation……


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