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  1. Amy at |

    My husband brought this home with the salesperson’s “highest recommendation”. It was the worst swill. I appreciate your description as industrial. Even though it’s been months from tasting it, that is exactly what I remember, industrial. Super frustrating to be guided so poorly.

  2. Scott Rosenbaum at |

    Fantastic post! Thanks for keeping us all informed.

  3. Bruce Turbeville at |

    John, Whenever I’m in one of the big box liquor stores, I am invariably approached by one of the store staff who quickly recommend either this swill or Zignum as the “real” mezcal experience… occasionally, I’ll actually find a knowledgeable clerk who knows his or her stuff… I mistakenly thought that this was Toby Keith’s brand, and was avoiding it for that reason, so thanks for clarifying the background of this sacrilege to the spirit of agave …


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