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  1. Tyler at |

    That collection blows my mind!

    Have you noticed the taste of your mezcals changing over time as they “age in glass”.

    One mezcal I’m really enjoying right now (out of many) is the Lágrimas de Dolores Joven from Durango. Unfortunately not sold in the US. Worth checking it if you’ve never tried it.

    Any update on the t-shirts?

    Thanks for another fun post!

  2. Candice at |

    I’m new to the party, but I’ve got 23 – so far 😉

    SO FUN.

    Yay, mezcal!

    Where in Ohio are you, Eric Gunn? I’m in Columbus

  3. MezcalReview at |

    I have 54 different expressions here in Oaxaca….not a huge collection but the turnover rate is high (alarmingly so sometimes!) While not large in number- rich in diversity- some odd ones such as Belato, Cucharilla, a Henequen- made here in Oaxaca from Maguey brought from Campeche, Horno and Mexicanito from the Mixteca , Pulque Chino and a few different Puntas . Cheers!

  4. eric gunn at |

    Currently have 39 unique bottles. Do I get bonus points for living in Ohio where there only offer five offerings available anywhere in the state (DM Vida, Ilegal x3, & Monte Albon)? Thank agave for online liquor stores & out of state friends. Hopefully I’ll take my first pilgrimage to Mecca (I mean Oaxaca later this year or early next) and that number will grow.

  5. ken at |

    I’m about the same as Max — just did a quick and dirty count, and, not including samples, I’ve got about 30-ish mezcals kicking around amongst 100-ish other bottles at the moment. Wish I could call it a “bar,” though — it’s really just piled up in boxes in my pantry 🙁

    1. Agave Idiots at |

      Thanks for the shout out! Hmmm, mezcal, bacanora, raicillia, sotol, but not tequila (a mezcal of the blue weber Tequiliana variety). We have lots. Haven’t counted them yet, but since we’re still relatively new to mezcal, the not tequila agave spirits, the count isn’t near as much as mezcal’a cousin. ” Too much tequila/mezcsl is enough!” That said, the only caveat is quality over quantity. Saludos!

  6. Marwinski at |

    …that would be 85….could have been over 90 had I not already consumed many 250ml bottles brought back from Oax in Jan….how can I post the spreadsheet of my inventory?

    1. Edward at |

      How ’bout uploading it to Google docs, make the spreadsheet public, and post a link?

      1. Marwinski at |

        Will do

  7. Bud Dana at |

    I have always enjoyed mescal but today I am a diabetic and restrict what I embibe. How much sugar is mescal? If you declare it to be a drinkable product for diabetics than you increase sales by millions of dollars. Just a thought.

    Bud Dana

    1. Edward at |

      The problem with diabetes and spirits isn’t the amount of sugar; it’s the alcohol itself that’s the problem. Alcohol interferes with many of the medicines used to control diabetes. It affects the liver which in turn plays havoc with your blood sugar. And it has a tendency to cause hypoglycemia which can be dangerous if you’re taking insulin. Sorry, but it’s best for diabetics to avoid alcohol altogether.

  8. Max Garrone at |

    Alas my personal collection pales in comparison to yours John. I suspect that I may not have more than 100 bottles in my bar including rare expressions of Montenagran grappa and San Franciscan grappa. The mezcal portion of the bar cycles rather continuously but I don’t count more than 40, probably closer than 30. I’m sure that number will bloom considerably once I return from Mexico in the coming weeks but still nothing to rival the McEvoy Collection of Mezcal (MCM).

    Next question, what’s your organizing principle? Alphabetical by maker? Dewey decimal variant? Regional? Label color?

  9. Marwinski at |

    After re-reading your post, by your rules I can indeed count my 200ml and 250ml “little guys” of which I brought back so many. Unfortunately, most are gone now.

  10. Edward at |

    *sigh* So, much mezcal, so little time.
    I can’t imagine there’d be many out there that could challenge that list. Curiously though, my minuscule collection does have four bottles not found on your list.

  11. Judah at |

    I’ll trade you two bottles of mezcal and all you can drink to inventory my collection.

  12. Tory Smith at |

    My collection was so big I needed a website and a warehouse! But that was Mexico so I guess that means I’m disqualified =/

  13. Mike Jones at |

    Wow ! I’ll be very surprised if I learn someone in the US has a larger collection. Mezcaloteca maybe… In Situ maybe… Nobody else could possibly come close John. Your collection is 12 times larger than mine. I want to come to NYC and drink mezcal with you in your billiard room.

    I agree with you about the little bottles. If you open one up, its gone.

  14. Marwinski at |

    …outstanding! …but little bottles if unique ought to be a category…my count forthcoming and nice quantizing!


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