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  1. […] die Marke allerdings so hieß, war der Name Mano Negra (schwarze Hand). Laut einem Artikel bei MezcalPhd wurde dieser Name aber aus mehreren Gründen […]

  2. […] in 2015, Mezcal PhD shared that Good Things Are Happening at Mezcal Marca Negra. Around that time, we hadn’t yet launched this website. We first […]

  3. JamesC at |

    I’ve live/work in DF about half the month and have done so for the last few years. I spend a lot of my time outside of work learning about Mezcal – as I will tonight in either Condessa and/or Roma Nte 🙂

    It may be worth adding that of all the distilleries Marca Negra must have the best reputation of caring for it’s workers. This certainly isn’t a slight against other marques but hearing this unprompted so often and consistently is reassuring and perhaps bears repeating.

  4. Mark E Huebner at |

    (Mano Negra is an old Sicilian term referring to the Mafia.)

    What might be interesting to delve more into is that there are two (or more?) mezcaleros involved. Alberto (Don Beto) Ortiz in Sta. Maria la Pila, who made the Arroqueno, Dobadan and Ensamble, is a man to follow (also Yuu Baal & Mezcalero series releases). I would be interested in more notes contrasting the maestros different styles. I am not familiar with with Jorge Mendez or Abel Nolasco. (Sorry, I might have missed more in a later post.)

  5. Mercado de Mezcal at |

    I read some folks have had trouble finding Marca Negra. You can pick up the entire line from Mercado de Mezcal.

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  6. Brookes Decker at |

    I know you said it’s hard to find this in NYC. We have some great bottles at El Vez in battery park, plus quite a few other Agave spirits. Come check us ou!

    1. daniel at |

      just tried marcanerga espadin, excellent! your mom was right, .but I have not tried
      ensemble or the others. the best spirit in the world …hail mezcal!!!

  7. anonymous also at |

    To be honest I wouldn’t review a bottle until it has been opened and sitting for awhile.Revisiting a bottle at least a few weeks later will give you a better review and opinion of the mezcal. Just my two cents

  8. anonymous at |

    Pedro’s point is excellent about leaving a bottle in the dark. This even happens for me with young Scotches. I had a bottle of Kilchoman improve after two years in the cupboard!

    A lot of people think oak flavor is the sole change that occurs to spirits while they age. The truth is that white spirits age extremely well too. Some of the Eau de Vies in France are aged in glass demijons for 30+ years (!!!!!!). They just put a cloth over the demijon so the oxidation, ester formation and so on can occur like normal, while it breaths off some of the harsher components. All part of the bigger picture.

  9. Sean at |

    Nice review(s). By any chance is this the same Pedro that founded Los Azulejos tequila, and managed Señor Frog’s tequila?

  10. Bob at |

    I tried all of these but the Arroqueno late last year in Mexico and bought home a bottle of the Dobadaan. You’re not kidding about the drinkability, it was gone in no time. Really good range of mezcals. Cheers!


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