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  1. Dale Pittman at |

    Have not been there yet but this one in Baltimore looks promising:


  2. Joe at |

    I notice you don’t have anything for Virginia and with good reason there are few Mescalerias there, but I know of one in Charlottesville worth mentioning. The Bebedero has the best selection of Tequilas and Mezcal in Virginia and the owner regularly travels to Mexico to research new Mezcals. He also teaches a class on tequila and mezcal that’s really insightful. I took it once and now I’m a regular there. Here’s their Website Thebebedero.com
    If you ever make it down that way check them out.

  3. Bernie at |

    In Denver CO, the owners of Adelita’s mentioned here just opened up Palenque Mezcaleria. 75 labels as of their opening and an excellent variety. They’ve also got some tequilas and local non-agave spirits.

  4. Mike Maddux at |

    In Austin, TX, Mezcalería Tobalá might be worth a mention.

  5. Victoria at |

    These restaurants have a solid variety in Washington, D.C. The food and service are ok, not great, but the tequila and mezcal options are entertaining enough to make me go occasionally.


  6. Jon Rangel at |


    I own and operate a restaurant and tequila bar in Indianapolis, IN called La Margarita. We offer 186 distinct mezcals, flights, and occasional tastings. We’re always looking to add new mezcal to our shelf. Sotol, Bacanora, Tequila — anything agave-based, we’re after!

    I would love for you to consider us for your database.

    Just picked up a few copies of your book, looking forward to using it as a great resource.

    Take care,

    Jon Rangel

  7. Edward at |

    An update for Houston: Hugo’s (http://hugosrestaurant.net). A high-end Mexican restaurant in Montrose with a selection of mezcales, including the option of ordering a flight to sample three different ones. The mezcal menu online is a bit out of date; they had a much larger selection, and the only flight they offered yesterday was Del Maguey San Luis, Fidencio Clasico Joven, and Pierde Almas Espadin.

  8. Paul Aron at |

    El Publico in Perth Australia has a really large range of Mezcal and (tequila) and amazing food! The bartenders here are really passionate about mezcal and are really pushing this spirit category in Australia.

  9. raza at |

    Museo Mayahuel in Sacramento has a mezcaleria inside it with a large selection of mezcales…Oscar Escobar, the bar manager there, knows a ton about mezcal and imparts his knowledge…

    http://tequilamuseo.com — scroll about halfway down and you’ll see a great shot of the mezcaleria…

    saludos, raza

    ps: keeping a list of Mexico mezcalerias might be an exercise in futility!


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