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  1. teng at |

    Hi MezcalPhD, do you happen to have the link of the COMERCAM website or the ppt of the data saved somewhere? I tried to find the webpage but could not find it. Thanks a lot

  2. Mike at |

    I dont suppose you have analysed the up to date figures have you and be able to share them? Alas I dont speak Spanish (yet) or I’d do it myself. I’ll send you a free bottle when I launch my label. Thanks in advance

  3. Paco at |

    Do You find more information? Can you share the ppt ?

    I wanna start a protect importing Mezcal to Australia .

    Thank you

  4. mezcalito at |

    Just curious, did you email COMERCAM in spanish? They just standardize the numbers to 38% to be comparable with Tequila I imagine. They take the total number of liters in whatever proof and do the math to see how many total liters were sold at 38%. For example if you sell 1000 liters at 50% alc. per vol. You can figure out the equivalent at 38% by multiplying (1000L X 50) then divide by 38. The answer is 1315.79 liters at 38%. This way the numbers are much clearer and can be compared with Tequila to see the market share. Now that I looked on the Comercam website, I saw that they already changed all the numbers to a standard 38%. So in your blog those numbers are the complete export numbers for all mezcal. I’m sure if you double check last years presentation and do the math, you’ll see it all works out.

    “2009 Exports 414,608 Liters, which is equal to 46,067 9L cases
    2010 Exports 610,685 Liters, which is equal to 67,853 9L cases
    2011 Exports 647,989 Liters, which is equal to 71,998 9L cases
    The percentage increases are +47%% from 2009 to 2010 and only 6% 2010 to 2011.”


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