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  1. TreeCutterDoug at |

    I’ve always preferred a *good* mezcal, over almost any tequila… The smokey notes are enchanting, and far more approachable than Scotch.
    I do love a Mexican Firing Squad (thanks for the tip on pomegranate molasses!!!), and I am definitely looking forward to trying the ‘Con Pepino. Along the lines of of that; a slightly spicy coctail… Have you tried a jalapeno/basil margarita?
    I totally cheat, and just use a 1:4 ratio of mezcal and Simply Limeade™, spank about 6 leaves of basil (ya gotta spank yer herbs), and one to three, thinly sliced jalapeno wheels. Shake and serve in a pint glass.
    It starts with a wonderful “green” flavor, that builds a warmth as you sip it. If you get bit with the heat at the end, then you’re drinking too slowly. The smokiness of mezcal, definitely adds to the depth of the drink. A favorite in the midsummer, for sure.

  2. Jason Silverman at |

    Pomegranate molasses is an incredible flavor. Great advice to make your own! I usually found it at Kalustyans on Lexington and 29th when I was still in NY!

  3. Sam at |

    Divine Firing Squad – we fell in love with Mezcal in Oaxaca about a month ago. I blended a birds eye chilli first, used your recipe and also added a generous spoonful of lemonade and pear marmalade, as well as some pomegranate liqueur – delish!

  4. Smoking Hot – The Mezcal Cabinet at |

    […] of the classic cucumber margarita are sure to enjoy its smoky twin, once deemed one of the “two greatest mezcal cocktails known to mankind” by mezcal blogger MezcalPhd. I remember the first time I had cucumber in a cocktail–a […]

  5. Kristen at |

    Just made my umpteenth Mexican Firing Squad but rimmed half the glass with Sriracha salt….yum!!! I’ve also muddled fresh jalapeño slices in the shaker before mixing and yum again! Great way to enjoy Mezcal. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Pasha at |

    Stumbled upon this quite late, but it’s never too late for a good drink, right? Both your listed drinks are delicious. Another great one is The Nefertiti:
    1 part mezcal
    1 part Royal Combier
    3/4 part lemon juice
    3/4 part Rothman & Winter cherry liqueur. (I use Cherry Herring when I don’t have the R&W)
    Insanely delicious. Cheers

  7. Jason C at |

    Is this your own recipe? They don’t make it with agave syrup at the Andaz.

  8. DWP at |

    I have a serious original mescal recipe for you to feature. Email me.

  9. Scott weinstein at |

    I’m drinking with you as we speak.


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